Red Woven Peace Silk Table Runner

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Rich and Elegant Red Eri Silk Table Runner with a beautiful hand woven jacquard pattern from Assam, a state in the North East Part of India. Perfect to add subtle colour and texture to your living spaces. Perfect for Christmas!

Size: 12 x 80 inches

Eri Silk comes from the worm Samia cynthia ricini, found in North East of India and some parts of China and Japan.

The name Eri is derived from the Assamese word ‘era’, which means castor as the silkworm feeds on castor plants. The wooly silk is often referred to as the Ahimsa silk or the fabric of peace as the process does not involve the killing of the silk worm. Moths leave the cocoon as soon as it is ready to be spun.

This Table Runner is lined with cotton lining. Frill detail enhances the overall design and layout.

Dry Clean Only!

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