Yellow Patchwork Mashru Cushion Cover

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Beautiful Mashru cushion cover with a striking yellow and red combination is perfect for adding colour to your interiors!

Size 12 x 12 inches or 30 x 30 cm with a concealed zip on the edge. 

These cushion covers are made using traditional Mashru Weaving craft from Kutchh region in India. Mashru was a royal craft,  produced in large quantities until the 1900’s for local elite and export markets. Today the craft is on the brink of extinction as clothing trends and demands change. Where ever possible we try and buy from sustainable and reliable sources or directly from the artisans themselves to help preserve the craft traditions.

Our cushions are made using high quality materials and focus is on ensuring a good finish instead of bulk manufacturing. Each piece is over locked to avoid any raw edges on the inside.

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